Shatter facing no confidence motion tonight

Justice Minister Alan Shatter

Justice Minister Alan Shatter said he has been treated as "public enemy number one", ahead of a parliamentary confidence vote later tonight.

Minister Shatter said opposition parties are overlooking more important issues by trying to force him to quit.

TDs will vote tonight on a motion of no confidence in the Minister tabled by Fianna Fáil, which is set to be defeated.

Minister Shatter said he has faced a barrage of criticism from the opposition over recent Garda scandals, who then don't give him a chance to reply.

"If I actually on any occasion in this house respond in kind to the manner in which I am treated, I'm labelled as arrogant, as overbearing," he told the Dáil.

"Apparently it's not acceptable - in any circumstances, ever - that I respond to the taunts and some of the vilification.

"You'd think, listening to members opposite, that I was public enemy number one."


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