Shatter criticises GRA for 'talking down' garda force

Justice Minister Alan Shatter

Justice Minister Alan Shatter has lashed out at the body representing rank-and-file gardaí.

Minister Shatter says the Garda Representative Association (GRA) is unfairly critical of the resources being offered to the gardaí.

He says he could have started garda recruitment earlier if the Croke Park II pay deal had been accepted.

And he says the GRA does the force a disservice by talking it down.

"The GRA have an important role to play as a representative body; but I think they generate a misconception on the part of the public as to the capacity of the force, as to the expertise of the force, as to the success of the force," he said.

"And they contribute to public alarm - unnecessarily - by making people unnecessarily concerned about the capabilities of the force."

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