SF's Boylan elected in Dublin; Childers ahead of Ryan on sixth count

Sinn Féin's Lynn Boylan has been elected in the Dublin constituency European elections after the third count.

Boylan had topped the poll in the constituency with 83,264 votes after the first count.

Electorate - 820,668

Poll - 358,943

Invalid votes - 6,368

Valid votes - 352,575

Seats - 3

Quota - 88,144

Update - 4am

Brian Hayes and Nessa Childers have been elected on the seventh count.

Seventh count, Dublin:

Boylan (SF) 88,144 (elected after third count)

Hayes (FG) 73,405, (elected after seventh count)

Childers (Ind) 73,598, (elected after seventh count)

Ryan (GP) 72,256

Eamon Ryan has been eliminated.

Update 3.50am

Sixth count, Dublin:

Boylan (SF) 89,764 (elected after third count)

Hayes (FG) 73,317,

Childers (Ind) 72,413,

Ryan (GP) 71,909,

Lynn Boylan's surplus will be used to decide the remaining seats.

Update - 2.25am

Independent candidate Nessa Childers has moved ahead of Eamon Ryan for the third seat in Dublin.

Mary Fitzpatrick of Fianna Fáil is eliminated.

Fifth count, Dublin:

Boylan (SF) 89,764 (elected after third count)

Hayes (FG) 65,132,

Childers (Ind) 59,955,

Ryan (GP) 59,803,

Fitzpatrick (FF) 50,585,

Fitzpatrick eliminated

Update - 1.15am

Paul Murphy of the Socialist Party has been eliminated after the fourth count.

Fourth count, Dublin:

Boylan (SF) 89,764 (elected after third count)

Hayes (FG) 63,591,

Ryan (GP) 53,179,

Fitzpatrick (FF) 48,360,

Childers (Ind) 46,531,

Murphy (SP) 41,373,

Murphy eliminated

Update - midnight

Labour's Emer Costello has been eliminated in the third count.

Labour MEP Emer Costello and her husband Joe speak to the media in the European Parliamentary elections count at the RDS in Dublin. Pic: PA

Third count, Dublin:

Boylan (SF) 89,764,

Hayes (FG) 55,656,

Ryan (GP) 47,256,

Fitzpatrick (FF) 45,779,

Childers (Ind) 41,787,

Murphy (SP) 39,313,

Costello (Lab) 27,194,

Costello eliminated

Update - 11.30pm

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan has moved into third place after the second count at the RDS.

Second count Dublin:

Boylan (SF) 84,289,

Hayes (FG) 55,132,

Ryan (GP) 45,173,

Fitzpatrick (FF) 44,954,

Childers (Ind) 37,706,

Murphy 31,310 (SP),

Costello (Lab) 26,232,

Smith (PbP) 25,539,

Smith eliminated


The party's candidate is also on course to be elected to one of the three seats after the first count.

Boylan, a relative unknown in Dublin politics, says she is overwhelmed as she never expected to do so well in the elections.

Fine Gael's Brian Hayes has come in second with 54,676 votes, while Mary Fitzpatrick has gained 44,283 votes for Fianna Fáil.

The Green Party leader Eamon Ryan is still in the running with 44,078 votes as he come in among the top four on first preferences.

He says he is hopeful he can gather enough preferences from other candidates to take the third seat.

Tom Darcy, Raymond Whitehead, Jim Tallon and Damon Wise have been eliminated after the first count.

The first results in Ireland South and Midlands North West won't now happen until tomorrow.

It also appears that just over half of those eligible to cast a vote to elect 11 MEPs did so on Friday.

Latest estimates from the European Parliament suggest 51.2% of registered Irish voters cast a ballot in the European elections.

That is the lowest turnout here in a European election since 1999.

Electorate - 820668

Poll - 358,943

Invalid - 6,368

Valid - 352,575

Seats - 3

Quota - 88,144

Boylan, Lynn (SF) 83,264,

Hayes, Brian (FG) 54,676,

Fitzpatrick, Mary (FF) 44,283,

Ryan, Eamon (GP) 44,078,

Childers, Nessa (Ind) 35,939,

Murphy, Paul 29,953 (SP),

Costello, Emer (Lab) 25,961,

Smith, Brid (PbP) 23,875,

Darcy, Tom (Ind) 4,022,

Callan, Jim (Ind) 2,244,

Whitehead, Raymond (DDI) 3,133,

Wise, Damon (FN) 1,147

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