SF TD Toibín: I have no doubt the IRA moved abusers; That was wrong

Pressure is mounting on the Sinn Féin leader to reveal whether sex offenders expelled by the IRA were subsequently moved to the Republic.

Yesterday, Taoiseach Enda Kenny demanded that Gerry Adams confirm whether abusers who committed crimes in the North were placed in safe houses in Donegal, Louth and Dublin.

It followed a meeting between Mairia Cahill and Taoiseach Enda Kenny where Ms Cahill claimed the IRA had moved alleged sex abusers to the Republic to help them escape sanction north of the border.

Sinn Féin TD for Meath West Peadar Toibín said: "I have no doubt that in the IRA's modus operandi of the time, that (abusers) were moved…I have indicated that was wrong."

He said: "You cannot decontextualise what happened in the North because if you do, you fail to understand why it happened."

Speaking to Chris Donoghue on Newstalk Breakfast this morning about the Mairia Cahill case, and asked whether he believed that Gerry Adams knew nothing else about any other cases, Mr Tóibín said that he believed Mr Adams had no more information about any other cases.

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