SF calls for single Irish phone tariff

Sinn Féin has today called for the introduction a single All-Ireland mobile phone tariff.

Speaking today, Sinn Féin MEP Mary Lou McDonald welcomed the EU decision to reduce the cost of cross-border mobile phone calls, but claimed the move has not gone far enough.

“Sinn Féin has put pressure on the EU and the British and Irish Governments to legislate to force the mobile phone operators to act on roaming charges,” said Ms McDonald.

“It makes good economic sense for the development of a single all-Ireland telecommunications market. It does not make sense that the same mobile phone operators are operating on both sides of the border while customers’ credit are being literally wiped out by sending a few texts and making a few calls to the other jurisdiction on the island of Ireland.

“It is in everyone’s interest as citizens on this island to introduce an all-Ireland mobile phone network with a single mobile phone tariff.”

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