Seven plucky turkeys stage Christmas sit in

by Louise Roseingrave

Seven lucky turkeys who eluded their expected fate this Christmas are being re-homed as pets around the country today.

The plucky posse were picked up from a midlands farmer following an appeal by Little Hill Animal Rescue in Co Kildare.

The turkeys, nicknamed the ‘Magnificent Seven’ spent the night on a sleeping bag in the back of a car in a housing estate in Newbridge.

Volunteer Monica Donegan organised the collection of the turkeys from the farmer following a successful social media appeal to pay for and re-home the birds.

Driver Jeanne Banks planned to house the birds in her bathroom overnight. However, she was taken aback to find the birds wouldn’t budge from their perch in the boot of her Nissan Note.

“I had a sleeping bag down over a yoga mat and some old clothes so they were pretty warm and comfortable,” Jeanne said.

The charity, backed by actor Pauline McGlynn, found homes for all seven turkeys who’ve been spared from becoming someone’s Christmas dinner.

“We put up a post on Facebook looking to cover the cost of the turkeys and to find them homes where they will live as pets. It generated a huge response,” Little Hill founder Susan Anderson said.

The charity is well known for its work rehabilitating ex-battery hens and is funded entirely by donations.

“Jeanne left the turkeys in the car overnight because they refused to get out. We had a good giggle looking at the pictures this morning,” Susan said.

The turkeys were eventually coaxed from the car and are being transported today to their various homes where they will be settled safely in time for Christmas.

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