Sentences due in Temple Bar-rampage trial

Four African men are due to be sentenced today for a series of attacks in Dublin's Temple Bar that almost cost one man his life.

Four others were hurt when the gang went on a violent rampage in October 2010.

A Dublin DJ was rushed to hospital with severe head injuries after the night of violence in Temple bar.

Detectives were left horrified and shocked by the extreme level of violence that led to four others being injured in the early hours of Oct 10, 2010.

Oluwafemi Adetunji, Damilola Adeyemo, Nero Omoruyi and Damilara Bammodu have all pleaded guilty to taking part in the violent rampage.

At a previous court appearance, it was revealed that Nero caused the most damage as he admitted attacking three of the victims and using a glass bottle as a weapon.

The others pleaded guilty to various assault, public order and theft offences on the same night.

The four men, who are all in their 20s, are due to be sentenced later today.

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