Sentence for brutal rapist, who abandoned victim's four-year-old child in city centre, increased by four years

Rapist Michael Murray has had his sentence for the brutal rape of a mother he lured into an apartment in Dublin increased by four years.

Murray, formerly of Killiney Oaks, Killiney in Dublin, was sentenced to 15 years in 2013 but the DPP appealed it on the grounds of undue leniency.

On Feb 12, 2010, Michael Murray lured the woman into an apartment in Dublin city by telling her an elderly woman was dying inside.

She was walking her four-year-old son home from the playground but agreed to go in to see if she could help her.

Once inside, he tied her up and assaulted her before taking her son away and abandoning him in a city centre square in the middle of the night.

He then returned to the apartment where he spent the next 13 hours repeatedly raping and humiliating her.

He was convicted in 2013 and convicted for 15 years but the Court of Appeal today agreed with the DPP that his sentence was unduly lenient.

Murray has already served time for raping four women during a six-day period in 1995.

Considering his record, the appalling nature of what he did and the complete lack of mitigation, Mr J George Birmingham decided a 19-year sentence was more appropriate.

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