Sentence due for man who punched karaoke singer at work party

A Dublin man is due to be sentenced today for punching a man while he sang karaoke at his Christmas work party.

Charles Dillon of Tara Hill Crescent, Rathfarnham, was found guilty by a jury of assault causing harm to Polish national Piotr Kozub at the Castle Inn Pub in Rathfarnham village on December 13, 2008.

Piotr Kozub told the court he had just begun singing a well-known Christmas song when a man came up behind him and hit him in the face.

He said he fell on the ground and the man jumped on him and continued to beat him, leaving him with a bloodied nose and mouth.

He rejected claims that he had poked and threatened Charles Dillon when he confronted him for walking round with the microphone and dragging karaoke equipment off a table.

The accused man's brother John Dillon, who was running the karaoke night, told the jury that the victim didn't sing along to the music.

He said he was walking up to people, kneeling down and saying 'I love you' to them.

All these claims were rejected by Piotr Kozub and the jury convicted his attacker. Charles Dillon will be sentenced today.

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