Save the 8th denies trying to 'blindside and fool' people with referendum booklets

The No side in the abortion referendum is being accused of trying to fool the Irish people.

It has emerged that more than 200,000 information booklets have been sent to households across the country – which look like a Government publication.

It warns ‘unborn babies at all stages of pregnancy will have no constitutional rights, and you will never have a say on this again’

Chair of the Oireachtas Committee on the 8th amendment Catherine Noone has accused those behind it of blurring the lines.

She said: "That is not helpful to Irish people.

"It's an attempt to blindside them and fool them and I don't think that's in anyway respectful of voters."

The Save the 8th campaign has defended sending out the booklets.

The group's press secretary Abigail Malone said: "There's nothing to hide, there's nothing secretive, it's actually the facts.

"I think people will actually appreciate that it outlines that if we vote Yes on May 25 we're removing the last and final constitutional right to life of an unborn child."

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