Ryanair to meet with pilots union

Ryanair management will hold their first-ever talks with the pilots' union tomorrow.

IMPACT last night suspended Wednesday's threatened strike but warn they could reinstate it if they are unhappy with the outcome of discussions.

On Friday, Ryanair did a major U-turn when it agreed to recognise unions for the first time in its history.

Details of the agreement still need to be worked out, however Sinn Féin's Transport Spokesperson, Imelda Munster, said it is a welcome breakthrough.

"It's great news overall. Particularly for passengers that I'm sure we're stressed to the hilt not knowing whether or not they were going to be travelling," she said.

"Ryanair, it appears, are coming into the 21st century in starting to acknowledge unions or the representatives of workers and also to acknowledge free collective bargaining rights for workers," she added.



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