Ryanair secures order to reveal details of anonymous web posters

Ryanair has secured a High Court order compelling eircom to disclose the identities of two anonymous parties who have been making posts about it on a pilot's website which the airline says is "highly defamatory".

The airline claims the false material that has been posted on the PPRuNe website, known as the Professional Pilots Rumour Network, by two anonymous parties using the pseudonyms 'ASFKAP' and 'Built4Speed' impugnes Ryanair's excellent safety record.

Ryanair sought the orders because it intends to sue the two parties, who investigations undertaken on the airline's behalf show have IP addresses from the eircom pool of subscribers, in order to vindicate its good name.

(IP addresses are individual numbers assigned to each device that uses the internet.)

The orders were granted today by Mr Justice Paul Gilligan.

Under the terms of the orders, eircom must disclose to Ryanair all information, excluding emails, which assists in identifying the parties assigned the IP addresses where the allegedly defamatory posts came from.

The disclosure of the IP address relates only to the relevant time, date and time zones of the allegedly defamatory posts.

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