Ryan on course for third Euro seat in Dublin as Greens talk of 'revival'

More than half the country's new Councillors have now been elected, while counting continues on the local and European elections.

A firm result will not be known in the European elections until at least tomorrow. The Midlands North West constituency is not now expecting to declare even a first count until tomorrow lunchtime.

Tallymen are keeping a close eye on transfers in the Midlands North West constituency, where Independent Senator Ronan Mullen said tallies indicated he should take about 4% to 5% of the first preference vote.

The county Galway native said he believed Independent Marian Harkin should benefit from his transfers.

"It appears a lot of my transfers are going to Marian Harkin," he said.

Counts are expected in Dublin and Ireland South later tonight. Winners' names cannot be announced until after 10pm, when polls close across Europe.

The certainties are that Labour will not have any MEP while Sinn Féin will elect two, and possibly three, MEPs.

The Green Party's European candidate for Ireland South Grace O'Sullivan said she was very hopeful her party leader Eamon Ryan would be elected in Dublin.

Tallies suggest Ryan is on course to take the third seat in the constituency.

Grace O'Sullivan said the elections had brought about a revival for the Greens.

"It's fantastic…There's a real sense of a Green revival. It means that we do have a mandate from the people to be strongly involved in politics in Ireland," she said.

Counting is continuing at Nemo Rangers GAA club in Cork, where Fianna Fáil's Brian Crowley is expected to top the poll.

Counting continues this evening in the local elections, where the trends are that Fianna Fáil is gaining more seats, a slowdown in the Sinn Féin surge, some momentum building for Fine Gael and Labour continuing to trail.

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