Ruth Coppinger accuses Government of hoarding land and preventing house building

An opposition TD has accused the Government of hoarding land, preventing house building.

Ruth Coppinger also says the rent pressure zones are not working, and many people are still facing massive rents every month.

The Solidarity TD says local councils are not building enough public housing.

She said: "To hoard land during a housing crisis is akin to hoarding food in a famine.

"Thirteen councils didn't bother building a thing in the last two years and one council, Fingal, completed ten homes, that is 0.01% for the 8046 people on their list."

However, the Taoiseach says the rent pressure zones are working.

He defended the Government's strategy after Coppinger accused them of being the biggest land hoarders in the state.

According to Coppinger, rents are continuing to skyrocket despite the rent pressure zones.

But Taoiseach Leo Varadkar believes they provide security.

He said: "I don't agree with you, the rent pressure zones are far from perfect but I believe they are working.

"60% of people are now covered by pressure zones and as a result of that, they are assured that their rent will rise by no more than 4% a year.

"So if you are one of those 60%, you have that assurance."

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