RTÉ investigating identity of anonymous Twitter account of 'long-serving producer'

RTÉ has said it is investigating the identity behind an anonymous Twitter account which claims to air the views of a “long-serving producer” at the State Broadcaster, writes Joe Leogue.

A statement from RTÉ said the company ‘deplores’ the content of the account, accusing it of being ‘disloyal’ and a disservice to staff.

The account - @rtesecretpro - has amassed over 5,000 followers since it first tweeted nine days ago and has touched upon a number of topics from behind the scenes at the station.

“Since the recession hit a decade ago, there have been basically no promotions. The same people are in the same jobs they were in 2008,” one tweet reads.

“It's like that because the vast majority of people in here, think what they are doing, is pointless,” it said.

It has also criticised the station’s recent approach to young person’s programming, claiming RTE is making “Stuff parents would approve of, rather than kids would want to watch.”

“To clarify.There are committed & talented people here, but bad systems, petty infighting & disillusioned staff make it difficult to do good,” the anonymous tweet said.

The tweeter also criticised sports coverage - “No mission. No style. No joy.” - and said there’s a lack of innovation at RTE because the station is “the opposite of Logan's Run- there's nobody under 30 in RTE.”

RTE today issued a statement on the account.

"RTE is seeking to establish the identity of the individual behind the @rtesecretpro account,” the station said.

“RTÉ deplores the content and intention of this account. It is profoundly disloyal to staff. It brings the organisation into disrepute, and in a public forum, is a disservice to all of us who work in RTÉ,” the statement read.

“RTÉ has comprehensive social media guidelines which must be adhered to by all staff. RTÉ has no further comment to make at this time," it concluded.

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