Roisín Shortall wants more than a Government to be formed in the next few weeks

As efforts continue to form a coalition, the Social Democrats have called for Government formation and Dáil reform to run simultaneously.

Party co-founder Roisín Shortall says the negotiations are the perfect opportunity to introduce changes, which should include the establishment of an anti-corruption agency.

Political parties have been holding intense talks ahead of Thursday's vote to decide who will be Taoiseach.

In terms of size Fine Gael is the biggest party in the country with 50 TDs, while Fianna Fáil has 44.

Roisín Shortall of the second smallest party, the Social Democrats, says irrespective of who wins the vote the Dáil needs to change.

She said: "Let's use these few weeks to come together to set up an all-party forum on political reform and bring in an independent chair.

"And irrespective of the outcome of the government negotiations, let's introduce some really meaningful reforms so that the Dáil is made relevant to peoples' lives again."

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