Road safety chiefs warn road users to be more cautious as evenings get darker

The clocks went back in the early hours of the morning which means the evenings will be getting darker earlier for the rest of the year.

That has prompted road safety chiefs to remind us to take extra care from now on.

The AA's Conor Faughnan advised road users to to be more cautious.

He said: "We encourage all cyclists to check the lights on the bike, get the high-vis out and make sure you've got all the gear that you need.

"For motorists, you always need to be cautious but certainly from next week on you will be sharing the roads in darkness with very vulernable road users including school childern, so we've got to be more careful."

All road users and pedestrians are being urged to stay safe and be seen.

So far this year 125 people have died in crashes on Irish roads.

The "Be Safe Be Seen" message from the RSA urges pedestrians and cyclists to wear bright, reflective clothing and to use lights where appropriate.

Drivers are also being asked to make sure their cars are fit for winter and their tyres are in good condition.

Lights should be clean, working and correctly adjusted while windscreen wipers also need to be in good condition.

And with foggy conditions prevalent at this time of year motorists are also encouraged to check weather and travel advice before making long journeys.

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