Richardson challenges Mahon Tribunal findings

A challenge brought by businessman Des Richardson against a number of findings of the Mahon Tribunal including that he had failed to disclose the source of IR£39,000 held in a bank account has opened before the High Court today.

Mr Richardson, a fundraiser for Fianna Fáil, claims the Tribunal's findings are "wholly erroneous" on grounds including he was never asked during examination by counsel for the Tribunal to account for the origins of the funds in the account, known as the Roevin Account.

Mr Richardson gave evidence over several days to the Tribunal in respect of its investigations into the finances of former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern.

The Tribunal has opposed the action which it argues should be rejected on all grounds.

The Tribunal claims that Mr Richardson failed to make a full and frank disclosure of material and relevant facts when seeking to challenge the tribunals findings, and that his case should be dismissed.

The Tribunal heard that in 1993 funds from a company called Roevin Ireland Ltd were used to purchase a bank draft paid to Mr Ahern.

Mr Richardson was examined extensively about his involvement with Roevin over two days of the Tribunal's public sittings.

In his proceedings, Mr Richardson, Serpentine Avenue, Dublin 4 wants two sections of the final report of the Tribunal of Inquiry in Certain Planning Matters and payments concerning him quashed.

The case continues before Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne.

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