Richard Satchwell explains comments made about missing wife

Richard Satchwell has explained comments he made about his missing wife Tina Satchwell.

In previous interviews, he said his wife told him if she went away and he came after her that she would call the Guards on him.

Cork woman Tina has been missing for almost a year.

Mr Satchwell said that he thinks his wife meant she needed some space.

"Emotionally I'm a lot weaker that what Tina is," he said.

"So if Tina went away, she knew that I'd be in bits, but also, at the same time, if I knew where she was, I suppose, to be honest, I'd be there going out, trying to get her back, to come back now, not to give her the space.

"She knows the way I feel, and that is what she meant by that. It's basically, you know, 'Give me space'."

Speaking on Today FM, Mr Satchwell described what life is like without Tina.

"Every day is different, there's no two days the same," he said.

"Some days you could get up and drive down to Fermoy and visit family down there.

"Other days I could sit down in a trance, other days I do a bit of work on the house. Every day's different."

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