Richard Satchwell: 'All I have left inside is hope and sadness' on anniversary of wife going missing

Update - 12.45pm: Tina Satchwell's husband Richard has said he considers his missing wife as "life itself".

On the one-year anniversary of her going missing, Mr Satchwell told TV3 News that his life has been "absolute hell" since she went missing on March 20, 2017.

He implored Tina to return saying: "My arms are open, nothing's changed. I say hello to her picture which is in the living room every morning.

"All I have left inside is hope and sadness."

6.45am: 'Tina's a fighter': Richard Satchwell convinced his wife has not come to any harm

Tina Satchwell's husband Richard is convinced his wife is still alive.

It is a year today since the 46-year-old Cork woman disappeared from her home in Youghal.

Speaking to Today FM, Richard Satchwell says he has often wondered whether she has come to any harm, but can't believe it.

He said: "That possibility is always there. I know Tina, and everybody knows Tina would tell you the same - she's a fighter.

"Nobody in my opinion, and I know that there are a lot of people around Fermoy would agree, would be able to harm Tina without walking away at least without scratches coming down their face.

"Tina's a fighter, she always was."

He also totally rejects any suggestion that he has caused her harm.

Mr Satchwell said: "Never. I could never lay a finger on my wife. My wife went to the swimming pool every day for something like 15 years and was never once seen with as much as a tiny little bruise on her body."

Mr Satchwell also described what life is like without Tina.

"Every day is different, there's no two days the same," he said.

"Some days you could get up and drive down to Fermoy and visit family down there.

"Other days I could sit down in a trance, other days I do a bit of work on the house. Every day's different."

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