Residents say burglars are 'flying drones with night-vision cameras' around Tipperary

Residents in Tipperary say drones are being used by burglars to spy on their homes.

A number of farmers and businesses in Littleton and Two Mile Borris have reported sightings of the remote controlled gadgets flying at night - which is illegal.

They say burglars are using the drones to carry out aerial surveillance, with some saying they are willing to shoot them down.

Robert O'Shea from Littleton says the sightings have been reported to the Gardaí.

Mr O'Shea said: "How do you prove that it's a criminal activity, nobody has been caught.

"It's rather funny to have a drone flying at that hour of the night, especially with what appears to be a night-vision camera on it, but I mean this is what these guys are up to at the moment."

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