Research reveals which graduates are most likely to get a job

Education students are the most likely to find a job when they graduate, according to research from the Higher Education Authority (HEA).

Up to 93% of recent education graduates were employed within nine months of finishing their course.

The research from the Higher Education Authority (HEA) found graduates in areas such as health and welfare (87%), ICT (82%) and engineering (82%) also had particularly high "employment outcomes".

Almost 80% of third-level students manage to get a job within nine months of graduating.

Research from the HEA found that students who studied topics such as literature and philosophy were the least likely to be employed.

However, those who'd completed their arts and humanities studies were among the highest percentages in further study (24%).

The study looked at 29,000 individuals who graduated in 2017.

The survey also found that teaching graduates are among the best paid with starting salaries mostly coming between €30-€35,000.

The average salary of graduates working full-time was €33,574.

Valerie Harvey from the HEA says those who go on to do further study are the most employable.

Ms Harvey said: "The overwhelming majority of all graduates are working and as you move through the levels of educational attainment higher numbers are in employment.

"So we found that 75% of honours degree, 86% of post-graduate taught and 91% of postgraduate research graduates are in employment."

Overall, 78% of those surveyed are working or due to start work, while 14% are in further education or training.

Around 5% are seeking work, while the remainder are engaged in 'other activities' such as travelling.

It also found that 90% of those who graduate and go into work find employment in Ireland.



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