Rescue 116: 'How do we prevent it from happening again'

A report into the R116 helicopter crash off the coast of Mayo has recommended that the company that runs the Coast Guard service in Ireland should review route guides in use by search and rescue helicopters.

Four crew members died when Rescue 116 went down last month near Blackrock Island.

The initial report from the Air Accident Investigation unit is analysing data from the blackbox flight recorder.

Paddy Judge is a former AAIU inspector and he has been looking at the details of the report.

"It's actually the company that operate the helicopters that refuse the routes. The Coast Guard subcontract to that company and it's the company that chooses the routes.

"The first thing is that you establish is what happened which is where we are at the moment which is the factual information. The next step of this is how did it happen and the third step is how do we prevent it from happening again," he said.

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