Report: Waterford sees cuts in services for dermatology patients

It has been reported that the Dermatology Department at Waterford Regional Hospital has closed its doors to all but urgent cases.

Several hundred thousand living in the south-east of Ireland currently rely on the services provided by the hospital.

However, according to Newstalk Radio, as of last week one of the specialist departments in that hospital shut its doors to all but urgent cases.

That is the Dermatology Department where people receive treatment for a variety of skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, scarring acne and even skin cancer.

The station reported that last week GPs in the region received a letter from one of the hospital's two Dermatology Consultants.

In it, he stated that the department is at crisis point and that a critical incident is waiting to happen.

Given that, they are unable to accept any new patients other than the most urgent cases involving suspected skin cancer.

The HSE has said in a statement today: "In consultation with the Dermatology Service in Waterford Regional Hospital, the service remains open to all referrals i.e. urgents and routine.

"This is being communicated to GPs in the region today."

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