Report shows rise in racist incidents in Ireland last year

Racist incidents jumped by a third in the first half of 2017.

The European Network Against Racism say there were 330 incidents on its site from January to June last year.

That is up from 245 in the same period the previous year.

Director of ENAR Ireland, Shane O'Curry, says the climate internationally is contributing to the problem.

They are calling on the Government to do more in tackling the issue.

Mr O'Curry said: "Especially when you consider the climate internationally with regards to racism with the Trump effect, the Brexit effect, the increase in authoritarianism and racism and xenophobia across Europe, the increased islamophobia and the increased activity from far-right groups."


    The report found:

  • A total of 330 completed reports, up 33% on previous six-month period, in which 245 reports were received;
  • Reporting significantly higher than all previous periods & shows a consistent rise since launch of in July 2013;
  • Assault appeared in 19 cases in this period;
  • Weapons used in 6 cases;
  • 13 cases of threats to kill or cause serious harm;
  • Sexual assault was reported in 3 cases;
  • 3 reports of arson;
  • 26 cases of ongoing harassment;
  • 12 reports about single or multiple counts of criminal damage;
  • 18 reports of racist graffiti;
  • 33 about incidents such as verbal abuse, ‘racist jokes’ or aggressive questioning. Frequently precursors to discrimination or racist crime;
  • 20 cases of discrimination in the workplace;
  • 22 reports of discrimination in access to goods and services;
  • 111 reports of racist hate speech online;
  • Social media companies published 82 of these, with 37 on Facebook, 35 on Twitter and 10 on YouTube;
  • 61 reports of hate speech published by Irish newspapers.



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