Report reveals new generation of unfit children

A worrying number of under 12's here can not run, jump, throw or catch a ball properly, according to a new report.

Former Rugby International Paul O'Connell has said it is scary.

Authors of the study are warning parents to spend more time playing with their kids.

DCU and Dublin GAA have conducted a study into the mobility skills of three thousand primary school children across the country.

The worrying results reveal many have such poor skills they can not even do basic things like throw or catch a ball.

Dr Johann Issartel from the DCU School of health and Human Performance said it is a worrying trend.

"We basically have a new generation of kids that aren't fit anymore and that is a worrying trend," he said.

Sedentary lifestyles, time poor parents and over use of technology are all contributing factors.

60% of the children in the study were below the recommended fitness levels for their age group.

Mr Issartel also said unless children's gross motor skills are improved, they will run into health difficulties when they are older.

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