Report 'refutes' belief of academics' short work hours

Irish University lecturers work longer hours than their European counterparts, according to a report discussed today at the Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT) conference.

According to the research, Irish academics work 50 hours per week compared to the European average of 48 hours.

General Secretary of the IFUT, Mike Jennings, said the perception that Irish academics work short hours are unfounded.

IFUT President, Marie Clarke, said that both senior and junior academic staff in Ireland spend too much time on administration, which is the result of an intensified audit culture.

Ms Clarke said: "Senior academics spend 22% of their day on administration, almost as much as the 24% devoted to teaching. 19% of junior academics' time is spent on administration, which is also excessive.

"This represents an imbalance in duties within the Irish university sector and is a poor use of staff time and qualifications."

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