Report recommends review of route guides following R116 tragedy

A report into the Rescue 116 helicopter crash has recommended there should be a review of route guides in use by search and rescue helicopters in Ireland.

It follows confirmation that the aircraft warning system did not have data related to Blackrock Island, where the helicopter crashed.

The initial report from the Air Accident Investigation unit, which is analysing data from the blackbox flight recorder, says the craft 'pitched up rapidly' in its final seconds.

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The flight went down last month resulting in the loss of all four crew members' lives.

The Air Accident Investigation Unit has been examining data from the blackbox flight recorder since it was found among the wreckage.

Its former head of engineering Graham Leddy says crucial information wasn't relayed to the pilot: "They have this new system, Enhanced ground proximity warning system, EGPWS,

"It looks ahead electronically and says in front of you there are these obstacles, at the moment they may be below you but you need to fly higher to increase your safety altitude.

"It would transpire that the Blackrock, which is a very substantial piece of terrain, is not actually in this database."


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