Renua's Irwin fears SF government would turn Ireland into ‘communist country’

Jonathan Irwin

A prominent Renua member has said there is a real fear of Ireland becoming a "communist country" under a Sinn Féin government.

That is according Jack and Jill Foundation chief Jonathan Irwin - who will stand for Lucinda Creighton's new group in Kildare South.

He said the party has an opportunity to boost their support if it comes up with policies people believe in.

Renua's Irwin added there are reasons to be fearful of a Sinn Féin led government.

“There’s a real fear in the country about Sinn Féin of becoming a communist country, which I don’t want to live in,” said Irwin.

“Renua seems to have a fair slice of cake if we come up with policies people really believe in.”

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