Renua Leader Lucinda Creighton claims there is a smear campaign against her

Lucinda Creighton has claimed a smear campaign against her has been launched.

The former Fine Gael TD has dismissed allegations lodged against her to the Standards in Public Office Commission which have been published in today's Sunday Independent.

The complaint relates to a ‘benefit in kind’ that she allegedly received.

The leader of Renua, has said a the complaint which had been previously dismissed by SIPO, was resubmitted three days after the General Election was called.

Lucinda Creighton has said she believes this complaint was resubmitted in an attempt to taint her and her party's reputation ahead of polling day: “All I am telling you is that a Fine Gael activist, a former public representative, contacted me about this 18 months ago and told me this story was coming down the track.

“Now when it never appeared and I never heard anything from Standards in Public Office, I assumed that they had just realised that this was just a baseless story and that they weren’t going to pursue it.

“But it seems that they were just holding off until ten days before polling day to try to use it to smear me.”


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