Renua hits back at Fianna Fáil accusations of 'policy plagiarism'

Renua Ireland is hitting out at Fianna Fáil over claims the newer party has been 'ripping off' policy documents.

Fianna Fáil yesterday drew comparisons between the two groups' documents on both public procurement and smal-and-medium enterprises.

Renua Ireland's deputy leader Billy Timmins said that their public procurement document was informed by several sources including some from Scotland, Barcelona and the USA.

Fianna Fáil's Sean Fleming was not satisfied with the explanation, but Timmins has nonetheless demanded an apology.

"Now he's saying all we'll do is we'll cut and paste other people's ideas," Mr Fleming said.

"I want to know for Renua where is the ideas that other people haven't already put out (there)?

"The accusation of plagiarism is a very serious accusation and I only wish that actually Fianna Fáil and the researchers had put a bit more investigation into their claim - and I would hope that after this, that Dara Calleary or maybe Sean Fleming on his behalf would apologise to Renua."

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