Remembrance ceremony for Free State icons

The architects of the Irish Free State will be remembered with a special ceremony at Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin today.

Michael Collins, Arthur Griffith and Roger Casement will have wreaths laid on their graves to honour the role they played in securing Ireland's independence from Britain.

Michael Collins was famously shot dead in an ambush at Cork's Beal na Blath in August 1922 and each summer the cemetery museum commemorates his life.

This year's display will include the armoured car which transported his body to hospital.

"It's very important that we remember where we come from, and remember one of the achievements of the past when they established the State that we now enjoy," said George McCullough, CEO of the Glasnevin Trust.

"True, there were very many terrible and horrible things done … the achievements of men like Collins and Griffith … I think it's very, very important to remember them.

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