Released prisoners could be barred from areas where offences took place

Prisoners being released from life sentences can be barred from returning to the community where they committed their crime, according to John Costello, the chairman of the Parole Board.

In recent weeks, Ray Quinn said Kenneth O'Reilly, the man who murdered his wife Joyce 23 years ago, should not be allowed to go back to Kildare.

John Costello, chairman of the Parole Board says the victims of crime are foremost in the minds of the people responsible for granting parole.

"Quite often there is a protocol between the Probation Service, the Irish Prison Services and An Garda Síochána," he said.

"Gardaí will always express concerns if the prisoner is going to go back to the community where the awful offence was committed. Those three agencies generally in practice work out the conditions between them."



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