Reilly: 'Not appropriate that HSE-contracted consultants work privately in St Vincent's

Health Minister James Reilly has said publicly paid consultants working in St Vincent's private hospital in Dublin "have a bit of work to do to become compliant" with their HSE contracts.

His comments follow criticism of the hospital by the director general of the HSE who claims he was misled by St Vincent's over the extent of practice.

It is understood up to 80 consultants paid from the public purse may be working for the private wing of the St Vincent's Hospital Healthcare Group.

St Vincent's said it sought legal advice and is satisfied the consultants are working for one employer on one campus and are not in breach of their contracts with the HSE.

However, Minister Reilly said: "I don't think it's appropriate that doctors who are employed on a contract that stipulates clearly that they can only practice private medicine in that public hospital can go through a corridor or any other connection to a private hospital and practice purely private medicine in that private hospital.

"So I think they have a bit of work to do to become compliant. I'm sure they'll find a way of doing that."


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