Rehab CEO's husband owned shares in partner company

The CEO of Rehab is coming under fire again today, as it emerged that her husband retained shares in a company which arranged a joint venture with Rehab.

The Irish Times reports that Angela Kerins did not disclose the fact that her husband held a large amount of shares in a company that embarked on a joint venture with the disabilities charity.

It emerged during a hearing of the Public Accounts Committee that Sean Kerins had been a director of Complete Eco Solutions since 2009, but stood down in 2010 following a coffin-making venture with Rehab. However, details of his shareholding were not brought to light.

According to the Times, Sean Kerins continued to hold shares amounting to one-third of the company.

Ms Kerins told the PAC that the coffin-making venture was short-lived, and amounted to nothing more than a "pilot scheme".

Political News Editor of the Irish Times, Arthur Beesley said Ms Kerins still has a lot more questions to answer.

"There has been an aspect of 'drip feed' information from Rehab," he said.

"Several questions have been asked in a letter from PAC to Rehab - Rehab is considering its response [and] has pledged to respond very fully … but it remains to be seen what exactly the nature of the information is provides [will be]."

Ms Kerins was not specifically asked about the shareholding in the company, but was questioned more generally on her husband's involvement with the firm.

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