Re-offending high among those released from prison

More than half of those released from Irish prisons in 2008 re-offended within three years.

Figures released by the Central Statistics Office show that 5,489 individuals were released in 2008, and 51% re-offended.

More than 2,800 had been convicted for another offence during the next three years.

There was a slight decrease in recidivism on the 2007 levels.

Rates of recidivism are higher for males than females, and the rates decrease with age - in relation to those freed in 2008, 56.8% of reoffenders were less than 21 years old.

But rises were observed for controlled drug offences, from just under 44% to 49%.

Of the 2,802 who re-offended, the majority (64%) did so within the first six months of their official release from custody.

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