Racism towards travellers still acceptable in Ireland says senator

Senator Eileen Flynn is the first female Traveller to sit  in the Oireachtas.Picture: Maxwells

Racism and discrimination against the Travelling Community is still seen as as acceptable in Irish society, according to Senator Eileen Flynn.

The first Traveller Woman to take a seat in the Seanad made the comments at the launch of Traveller Pride Week.

The online event is asking people across Ireland to show their support for anti-racism and endorse equality and inclusion for Travellers.

Senator Eileen Flynn says Travellers are suffering racism and discrimination in their day to day lives. 

Ms Flynn says: "It's very acceptable to be racist and discriminatory towards the Traveller community, 

"You know: 'That it's ok to be racist towards them, they're fine.'

"It seems part of Irish society, not everybody in Ireland, but it's so normalised, making comments towards the Traveller community, and to mock who we are as people.

"We know who we are as people you know."