Rabbitte concerned about negative media reporting

Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte

Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte has attacked the Irish media, warning that constant negative reporting and the denigration of politics will have an adverse effect on society.

Mr Rabbitte said the Government has paid a heavy price for some of its decisions, and admitted that the Fine Gael-Labout coalition had not done everything right all of the time.

But he said he is worried what may happen if the media constantly attacks the Government.

"Where is this constant denigration of politics leading to?" he said.

"What is the alternative to politics? Do we want to see the emergence of a 'strongman'?

"Hand over the running of the country and the economy to some kind of dictatorship?".

Speaking during an interview this lunchtime with Newstalk FM, the Communications Minister said: "Anyone who wants to stand for election is free to do so."

"Any new party that wants to emerge and set forth its platform is free to do so.

"But anger is not a policy. We have to come up with solutions about how do we get back on the road to economic recovery, and I think the present Government has a number of substantial achievements in that regard under its belt.

"They are rarely acknowledged."

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