Rabbitte: 'Bias test' crucial for banking inquiry

Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte

Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte has said that a 'bias test' for TDs who want to sit on the Banking Inquiry is crucial to protect prosecutions against senior bank officials.

The test will ensure that any politician who wants to probe the banking crisis hasn't previously made any prejudicial comments about potential witnesses.

The new Committee is expected to be up and running by May, before the local and European elections.

Minister Rabbitte said the inquiry is important - but the public won't be served by having trials thrown out of court.

"Great care has to be taken," he said.

"Yes, the public demand an inquiry and the public want an inquiry, but the public won't want an inquiry if it cuts across prosecutions that are in train.

"So the Oireachtas is right to make haste slowly."

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