"Vulnerable being driven into homelessness" as figures show 42% of homeless are female

A recent report on Ireland’s homeless crisis, published by Trinity College Dublin, has shown that more than half of the 42% of women in homelessness are based in the Capital.

Reacting to the news Fianna Fáil Senator and Seanad Group Leader, Catherine Ardagh, said the report made it clear a lack of support was leading vulnerable women into homelessness.

“It is shameful that our country has been identified as having the most feminised homeless population in the European Union. It’s believed that over 4 in 10 of homeless adults in Ireland are women with almost half of those in Dublin.

“Sadly research predicts that the situation is likely to worsen particularly as a growing number of women are deterred from registering as homeless due to fear of stigmatisation."

Ms Ardagh went on to point out that according to the report the Government’s continued failure to address the housing crisis has led to a significant number of homeless families headed by lone mothers.

“While every person continuing to live in homelessness warrants this Government’s full support, the fact is that when there are women in homelessness there is a greater chance that there are vulnerable children involved also.

"Ireland’s policy on the provision of homelessness services focuses heavily on short-term emergency accommodation but women with children are in particular need of long-term, permanent housing.

“I plead that urgent action be taken to provide adequate, gender sensitive, affordable housing for women and children across the Capital and nationwide,” she concluded.

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