Quinn: Second-level reform will happen despite teacher objections

The Education Minister said the reform of the Junior Cycle has to happen, despite second level teacher objections.

Ruairi Quinn tried to defend his plans in an address at the Association of Secondary Teachers in Ireland conference yesterday.

Quinn was left in no doubt yesterday about the opposition of the ASTI to his plans, as he was repeatedly heckled and jeered by the delegates, who are refusing to co-operate with the changes.

"I have said in the past, and I'll say it again now," he said. "I would hope to be in opposition to have pushed the boat out so far that it can't be recalled."

The ASTI President, Sally Maguire, said she was "very disappointed" to hear the Minister's remarks, and the proposed in-school assessments remains a key concern:

"I think there is a window of opportunity between now and September for him to review that. It's a very strident view that he has … there has to be a meeting of minds at some point."

Motions opposing the changes will be debated at the conference today.

Maguire also said she "can't condone" the behaviour of those who disrupted the Minister's address with heckling and jeering.

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