Quinn: Legilsation on X will be most appropriate

The Education Minister has indicated legislation will be needed to deal with Ireland's position on abortion and the Supreme Court X case.

Ruairí Quinn has also backed comments from President Michael D Higgins on the inquiry into the death of Savita Halappanavar, saying they were appropriate and followed in the tradition of Mary McAleese and Mary Robinson of speaking out on important issues.

A leaked portion of the expert report on abortion suggests that legislation will be needed for Government to deal with the Supreme Court X Case ruling.

Minister Quinn suggests that is what he believes will be needed too: "I would suggest to anybody who has an interest in this should read the 1861 legislation and look at what that actually says.

"Anybody looking at that would regard that legistlative response would be most appropriate but let's wait for cabinet's response when the document is formally published."

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