Quinn calls on Callinan to withdraw PAC remarks

A cabinet minister appears to have openly defied Taoiseach Enda Kenny by calling on the Garda Commissioner to withdraw comments about the Garda whistleblowers.

Education Minister Ruairi Quinn says he agrees with his Labour colleagues in saying Martin Callinan should withdraw his comments describing the actions of the whistleblowers as 'disgusting'.

But Minister Quinn's remarks come only hours after Mr Kenny told ministers to stop making public comments about issues involving their colleagues.

Mr Kenny told ministers they should raise their concerns at cabinet, instead of discussing them in the open

However in a statement this evening the minister said it would be "helpful" if Martin Callinan withdrew his remarks about Maurice McCabe and John Wilson, joining three of his Labour cabinet colleagues.

His statement means four of Labour's five ministers are now calling on the commissioner to withdraw the comments - and raises questions about the Taoiseach's authority over ministers from outside his own party.

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