Pylons pose no health risk, says Minister

Minister for Energy and Communications Pat Rabbitte has moved to reassure people that there are no health risks associated with living beside pylons.

Today marks the deadline for public submissions on Eirgrid's proposals to erect hundreds of the electricity structures across the country.

The plans have been met by widespread objections in many communities but Minister Pat Rabbitte says no route or site has yet been selected.

Minister Rabbitte said that he has been assured that there is no connection between health risks and pylons.

"There are none that I can find," he said.

"And clearly I have asked that question and I find it very, very difficult to believe that any agency of Government would give me the assurances that I have been given.

"I mean, Eirgrid, and no agency of government has a vested interest in exposing any citizens to risk, and they point out of course that we have such powerlines in this country since we've had electricity and there is not established connection."

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