Punchestown in talks to hold Garth Brooks concerts

Punchestown Racecourse and Kildare County Council are in talks about the feasibility of hosting some, or all, of the Garth Brooks gigs.

Yesterday, on the refusal of licences by Dublin City Council for two of five planned gigs at Croke Park, Punchestown Racecourse indicated its willingness to host the concerts.

Punchestown has the capacity to cater to in excess of 80,000 people.

Speaking to KFM, racecourse manager, Liam Holton, says there were many hurdles to overcome in order to change the venue.

“Kildare County Council, for certain, won’t put any hurdles in our way,” he said. “They couldn’t be more supportive. They’re interested in bringing as much business into Punchestown and into the local area as they can.

“[But] there is a statutory obligation on them to comply with the legislation and to allow for at least a five-week consultation period and even within that, even fast-tracking it, you’re looking at 10 or 11 weeks as a minimum.”

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