Publican asks judge to liquidate AIB

The High Court has dismissed a publican's bid to have Allied Irish Banks wound up over the non-payment of an alleged €40,380 debt.

Today at the High Court Mr Justice Paul Gilligan said he was "quite satisfied" to strike out an application by Eddie O'Leary, Main Street, Charleville, Co Cork, to have the State owned bank liquidated.

The Judge said the application was "an abuse of process" and an "attempt by Mr O'Leary to embarrass the bank".

Mr O'Leary claims he is owed some €40,380 by AIB.

He has alleged that he was overcharged interest on his bank accounts on dates in the 1990s, and between 2001 and 2003.

Late last year Mr O'Leary made a demand on AIB for payment of the money.

When that demand was not satisfied he petitioned the High Court to wind up AIB on the basis it was insolvent and unable to pay its debts.

Today AIB, who opposed the petition, asked the High Court for orders striking out Mr O'Leary's application.

The bank, represented by Paul Fogarty Bl, claimed the application amounted to an abuse of process on grounds including the bank disputes the debt claimed by Mr O'Leary.

Counsel also told the court the petition was a problem for the bank and had the potential to effect its business.

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