Psychiatrist tells Eric Locke murder trial that accused fits criteria for diminished responsibility defence

A forensic psychiatrist has told Eric Locke's murder trial that the accused fits the criteria for the defence of diminished responsibility.

Mr. Locke, who is from St. John’s Park East in Clondalkin in Dublin, admits killing his ex-girlfriend but claims he was suffering from a mental disorder.

When Dr. Richard Bunn examined Eric Locke in Cloverhill prison last month, he said he was aware the accused had already been diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder.

He said he was also aware that Mr. Locke had reported being abused as a child and had a deformed penis that led to relationship difficulties.

He said he spoke about the argument that led to his break up with Sonia Blount in January 2014 and the total collapse of his mental state of mind in the lead up to her killing at the Plaza hotel the following month.

Following his arrest, Mr. Locke told Gardaí he just panicked and strangled her when she started screaming after seeing some items be brought including an air gun and cable ties.

He told Dr. Bunn he just wanted to talk to her.

Dr. Bunn told the court he didn't accept that Mr. Locke was having an out of body experience, but in his opinion, he said he fulfilled the criteria for the defence of diminished responsibility.

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