Protestors stage 'die-in' in Dublin over Israeli air strikes

More than 300 protestors are holding a "die-in" demonstration outside the Department of Foreign Affairs this evening to mark the number of people killed in Gaza.

It has been organised by Gaza Action Ireland who are urging the Government to act against Israel, including expelling the Israeli Ambassador.

Sinn Féin have echoed the call, accuseing the Government of "political cowardice".

Party President Gerry Adams said: "Almost 700 Palestinians have now been killed in 15 days of intense attacks by Israel by land, sea and air. According to the United Nations 74% of those killed by Israel have been civilians. Homes, hospitals and schools, including buildings housing refugees, have been bombed by Israel.

"One hospital was bombed four times and four people were killed and scores of people were injured. Thirty of the wounded were medics. The Israeli assault on the civilian population is in clear contravention of international law.

"This view is widely acknoweldged internationally and was evident in the course of today’s debate at the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting. To its shame the Irish government abstained.

"The Irish government needs to take a clear stand in support of the civilian population of Gaza and send a clear message to the Israeli government that its actions will not be tolerated. This can best be achieved by expelling the Israeli Ambassador.”

The Sinn Féin leader accused the Irish government of “political cowardice in abstaining today in a vote during an emergency debate at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva which seeks to establish an international Commission of Inquiry into allegations of war crimes.”

Earlier, Ireland abstained from at UN Human Rights Council vote on whether to establish a commission of inquiry on current human rights issues in Gaza.

Seren Deeb, whose grandfather and extended family live in the area, says they are living in fear.

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