Protestors attempt to storm Dáil

An attempt was made last night to storm the Dáil but protestors failed to breach security measures at the gate.

Around 100 people marched to Kildare Street in protest at the Government's plans to inject billions of euro into the country's banks.

This march was organised by the Right to Work Campaign and began last night at the Garden of Remembrance off O'Connell Street.

It made its way through the city to the Dáil where a rally was to be held, when a small number of people tried to storm through the gates.

They were kept back by gardaí who had to draw their batons.

Gardaísaid one officer received a minor facial injury during the scuffle.

In a statement last night the Houses of the Oireachtas said the incident in no way impinged on the business or workings of the Dáil or Government.

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