Prosposals for future of Dublin Bus services unveiled

Potential proposals for the future of Dublin's bus services were launched this morning.

The National Transport Authority is looking for feedback on the ideas for the new network.

he report launched earlier would see fewer routes, with a number of main corridors through Dublin city.

It aims to make planning journeys easier - particularly if you're heading on routes outside of the city.

One of the main features of the new plan would be more interchanges - meaning you may have to take two buses to get where you want to go.

Many current routes would be changed or re-named

Transport Expert Jarrett Walker will oversee the project.

It's estimated the changes will take place towards the end of 2018 or int 2019.

Speaking at the launch, Ray Coyne Dublin Bus CEO said he was delighted with the commitment to invest €1 billion in Dublin’s bus network.

"This is great news for our customers and a huge opportunity to continue the growth and success of Dublin Bus.

"We will carry over 130 million passengers this year and continue to grow by constantly improving services. An excellent bus network is clearly of strategic importance to the city; Dublin Bus will work closely with Jarrett Walker and the NTA to future proof the city’s bus network for the benefit of our customers and for a successful Dublin.

"I would also encourage all our customers to engage in this debate and let us know what bus network they want for the future.”

Anne Graham from the NTA says people can have their say on whether or not they're in favour.

"We are aksing the public to consider what those options are and give us that feedback on whether they are willing to make more interchanages but also to have afaster journey but also to get to more places on their bus network as well."

You can view the plans and log your opinion from today on


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